– BeyondBoard 2.0: The App is completely redesigned and developed from ground up to have better usability and performance.

– More Privacy: Your data is your own. We don’t have any access to your data. Everything is in your device and encrypted in your iCloud Account.

– No Registration: Thanks to iCloud automatic authentication you don’t need to register an account to start using the app. Also, you have access to your boards across all your iOS devices.

Scrum Tools: Now you can create and customize boards specifically for the scrum and other agile software development methods along with labels and dividers.

Flexible Boards: You can place your board on any vertical or horizontal surface regardless of how you created it initially.

– Transformation Tools: You can Move, Scale, and Rotate any item in this version.

-Scissor: You don’t like the pinned photo? Now you can clip Photos with Heart, lasso, Circle or Square tools.

– Notes with Reminders: Should you check your tasks every day? BeyondBoard is compatible with iOS native reminder system so that you can assign reminders to your Sticky notes.

The rainbow of Colors: Sticky notes, Separators, and Labels become more vibrant in BeyondBoard 2.0

– The app starts to recognize surfaces in your surroundings on app launch in order to provide a better augmented reality experience.

For Support, inquiries contact us on Twitter @ThingoTeam or check our website.

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